Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have a question for you...

Do you want to continue to live in Chilches without the minimum services that you pay for?From this Neighborhood Association we have written almost hundred claims to our local Town Hall (to almost all their departments), Government Administrations, Junta de Andalucía, Province Administration and our balance is not positive for the following reasons:
  1. Because we are at the gates of the implementation of Urban Conservation Entities that our Local Town Hall wishes to impose on us, given the fact that our town has no money to provide offer the minimum services, but has sufficient money to build the Palacio de Congresos (Fair Palace). We suppose it is because it looks good on the press.
  2. Because we have experienced a rough ten percent increase on our Council Tax this year and a similar rise for the coming years till 2016 and we don't even have the basic services cleaning.
  3. Because they don't solve the problem of public illumination, the proof is that there are areas where there is no light and they don't want to fix it. They are expecting to create  Urban Conservation Entities (EUC) so that us neighbors pay for it.
  4. Because we do not have regular street cleaning, after discussing the issue with the deputy mayor, they have not done anything.
  5. Because they don't clean the streams, this being a potential flood source.
  6. For a population of 2,600 registered residents we are disregarded by our local Town Hall (we will not be electorally attractive or we don't look good on pictures on the press).
  7. Because we have asked for an appointment with the Mayor to show her the reality of the area, given the fact that she announced to the press her intention to get closer to the western districts and assume its management, are still waiting.
  8. Because there is an absolute and flagrant dereliction of duties and no administration wants to act.
Is this what we want for the place we live in? 
Is this what we want for our investment?
Are we going to consent?Send us your opinions.

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